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My name is Samantha Hack (Sam works, too!).

Welcome to Sparrows and Penguins, a blog about penguins in a world full of sparrows; or rather, a blog about autistics in a world full of allistics.

On my social media blog Candidly Autistic I interact directly with the autistic and autism communities. There, I share my personal experiences as an autistic adult and I answer questions about all things autism. This interaction with other autistics is probably the best part of my morning and nighttime routines.

That said, the speed social media moves is often too swift to discuss autism in-depth. While I wish otherwise, I find myself choosing to gloss over some aspects of autism just to keep up with conversations.

While Candidly Autistic serves an important role, it doesn’t meet all of my needs. Hence, Sparrows and Penguins took shape in my mind.

Sparrows and Penguins is an expansion project of Candidly Autistic that allows me to step back from the fast pace of social media and explore autism at my pace. By taking the time to explore the complex nuances of autism, a more realistic picture of living with autism takes shape. Most importantly, I am able to share that picture with others.

The Project

Autism is the central topic of Sparrows and Penguins, but autism never exists on its own.

Whether holding a casual conversation or attempting to cope with anxiety, autism affects and is affected by every life experience. These experiences intersect in a complicated web of interaction. This, in turn, affects how we perceive and interact with the world.

For those of us who stay undiagnosed into adulthood untangling this web often alters our fundamental sense of self.

It is this awakening of self that Sparrows and Penguins seeks to explore.

While centering on autism, Sparrows and Penguins features content across a spectrum of neurodiversities.

Initial content for Sparrows and Penguins combines questions often asked on Candidly Autistic, primers on autism and other neurodiversities, and a variety other resources.

As I complete foundational content for Sparrows and Penguins, attention will shift to accessibility. Universal accessibility is important to me. My goal is to offer all content across multiple domains of accessibility. This includes videos with captions, graphic elements, and text that works with screen readers and braille displays.

There are more exciting things on the horizon, but I don’t want to ruin the surprises!

Welcome to Sparrows and Penguins. I hope you learn something new and interesting.

– Samantha

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